Friday, 7 March 2014

Glossybox February : Beauty is Passion

So, I get an email saying that my glossybox is on the way and that I should be receiving a txt shortly to go and pick up my glossybox. And, of course, the txt comes when I am standing at Stockholm station on my way back to uni. But, after an extra couple of days of waiting impatiently, I finally get to open up my February glossybox. So here it is, I hope you enjoy :) 

Anatomicals - Puffy the eye bag slayer wake up under the eye patches  (Org price. 75kr)

The first thing that stood out to me was this very pink packaging. Now, I'm not a big fan of pink, but I was caught by the blinding colour and bold letters and thought I'd take a closer look. There are three sets of eye patches, that sort of look like compeed plasters but aren't haha, which are in the box, and what you do is put one under each eye for 30 minutes. This is to help moisturise under the eye where there is bagginess or dark rings around the eyes. I'm not 100% sure whether the patches actually did anything, but I'd like to think they did, as it felt really refreshing whilst on and I could really feel my eyes getting moisturised. Also, since my skin is quite dry most of the time, under my eyes is the only place at the moment that isn't dried out. 

Hot Makeup - Nail Polish 'Passion'  (Org price. 49kr)

It's such a coincidence that this was in my glossybox as I have been wanting to buy orange nail polish  and lipstick, but been waiting to find the right colour orange and brand. So I'm really happy with the electric orange colour. It's exactly what i've been looking for! Now all i need is an orange lipstick. 

Garnier Skin Naturals - Nordic moisture match, Oily/Combination Skin  (Org price. 75kr)

This is probably my favourite product in this months glossybox by far. As my skin is very temperamental, sometimes oily and sometimes really dry, this was the perfect skin moisturiser. I only use this for my face and I think it really helps. It makes my skin feel nice and soft and moisturises and evens out the tone of my skin. What I always check for in a product is that it smells good and this cream smells amazing. If I was to best describe the smell I'd say it smells like jasmine green tea and something sweet. Haha that probably wasn't very helpful. 

Färg - Lip Gloss  (Org price. 99kr)

This is probably my least favourite product in this months glossybox. I'm not much of a lipgloss girl. I thought that the consistency was quite thick and sticky. It felt like my lips were heavier with the lipgloss on, sounds weird I know.

Nougat London - Sparkling Body Shimmer  (Org price. 249kr 250ml)

So this product was no surprise to me as there was a spoiler alert sent out and of course I had to look. The bottle is 100ml. It's supposed to have a cherry blossom scent, but I really don't think it smells of cherry blossoms, it's more like a sweet but manly smell. But that might just be me. Saying that the scent has actually grown on me. I think that it looks quite nice on the skin and gives it a soft shimmery look with an extra umph. Probably will use it during summer or maybe on nights out. I probably wouldn't repurchase this product, however I will definitely use it. 

Läkerol - Raspberry Lemongrass (Org price. 10kr)

Lastly, I got an extra little thing which was a box with round chewy/hardish sweets. Now, it's always good when the sweets are colourful because then I think they are going to be nice and sweet, as opposed to black sweets which I think they're going to be really bitter and salty like liquorice. But when I saw lemongrass I thought what on earth. That's going to taste really weird. To my surprise they taste pretty good. 

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