Thursday, 20 March 2014

My Current Favourites

The end of March is approaching, sort of, and I feel as though, the older one gets, the faster the months and years go by. But that just might be me. So without further ado, I thought I'd share my current favourites with you all, before I start finding new ones. As you can see from the photos, they aren't just beauty products but all my current favourite things, which will vary from food to holiday destinations. Now I haven't added a holiday destination as that was more of an example.

♥ Fazer Dark Chocolate
I absolutely love chocolate but if I had to choose one chocolate bar in the whole world it would have to be Fazers dark chocolate bar. Not Cadburys, Bourneville, Marabou or [Insert chocolate brand]. What I love about it is that it isn't too sweet nor too bitter and it also tastes just as good melted, because sometimes you can love it in bar form but when melted it can taste different. I would definitely recommend this chocolate and it's really cheap. Just bought two big blocks for 10kr, probably won't last that long though nomnomnom.

♥ NYPD Dana Bag 
I did a post on this bag over a month ago, click on the link here to check it out, and since then I have been using this bag religiously. I always used to use handbags when going to school or to uni but sometimes, or probably most of the time, it gets quite tiring carrying a handbag as, of course, they are full to the brim with stuff and super heavy. This leads to the circulation in my arm being cut off slowly and painfully. Why do we girls put up with that pain? haha. So when I saw this back pack, it clicked I had to have it, it was fashionable and would go nicely with most of my outfits and very practical as it would be on my back and the weight would be spread evenly. I call that a win win for my arms and an extra accessory to add to my collection. Maybe not for my bank balance though..

♥ Garnier Intensive 7 Days Daily Body Lotion 
I have been searching high and low for a good body lotion that will work for my dry skin, smell nice and that doesn't take forever to dry. I'd say that Garniers body lotion ticked all the boxes. I have both mango and shea butter and they smell heavenly. What I love best is that the lotion sinks straight into the skin and you are able to put on your clothes straight away without feeling sticky. The only thing that I didn't like was the intensive 7 days claim. It would definitely not last that long for me, maybe two days tops. It may last longer if you don't wash, but who wouldn't wash for seven days? Or if they did wash wouldn't it come off in the shower? 

♥ Tigi Bedhead Shampoo
I fell in love with this shampoo when the hairdressers used it on me a long long time ago. It smells absolutely heavenly, a mix between chocolate and caramel sauce. I couldn't stop smelling my hair and the scent is long lasting. Since then I have repurchased this shampoo a couple times. The bottles are pretty big, 250-500ml, and I only used to use the shampoo on special occasions. But I have started to use it more frequently now. It makes my hair so nice and silky, and a plus is that it is sulphate free.  

♥ Collistar Topgloss Stick - N. 3 Malva 
I got this topgloss stick sometime last year it was a spontaneous purchase as it was on sale. Ever since I have been looking to purchase another, as I have almost worn it out, but it's now twice the price excluding postage. For those of you who don't know Collistar is an italian cosmetics brand by Antonio Marras. Surprisingly, I haven't seen anyone review or purchase from this brand ever. 
I really love this topgloss stick it's basically a mix between lipstick and lipgloss. I got a plummy brownish colour which looks very natural on my lips I would say it's my kind of nude lippy because my lips are quite plummy brown. I will definitely have to re purchase this when mine is finished. I don't like the pink lid, it's quite big and bulky, but I love the gold casing it also smells really nice. Definitely want to try out their other lipsticks. 

♥ AloeVera with Goji berries 
Last but not least a drink that I swear by and have for the past month or so. There are quite a few different brands but have only seen this one in Sweden. They also have a few different flavours, plain aloe vera, aloe vera with kiwi and aloe vera with pomegranate. This one has aloe vera with goji berries and you can see the little bits floating around. At first I thought it tasted a bit odd but after a couple of sips I started to really like. It's definitely a healthier option besides water, but I would definitely choose this over some fizzy drinks. 

So those were my current favourites. Hope you enjoyed reading :)

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