Saturday, 29 March 2014

March Glossybox - Beauty in Bloom

So the theme for the months Glossybox is 'Beauty in Bloom' which goes very well with all the products as they smell very spring like. This is my third Glossybox and probably the best one so far. Don't get me wrong though I have been very happy with the other two. It's probably almost impossible for me not to like the products unless I got given blue eye shadow or fake eyelashes haha.  What made this months box extra special is that I got not only a newly launched product but also a product that had not yet been released. I was extremely excited to try all these products out and all in all was super pleased :) I've decided I will start rating my Glossybox out of ten. So I'd give this box a 8/10. 

Models Own - Nail Polish (Org. Price 69kr)

Finally Models Own has collaborated with Glossybox Sweden. So when I found the nail polish hiding under all the coupons I was so happy :). I love the pastel green colour, it's very spring like and also fits well with the theme of this months box 'Beauty in Bloom'.

Fleur de Santé - Dermatific Eye Contour Cream (Org. Price 199kr) 

An eye contour cream that is moisturising and enriched with Moringa Oil Bixa Orellana and Sorghum juice making the skin feel firmer, soothed and relaxed. Also, it's suitable for normal to dry skin.

Stylage - French Kiss Lip Balm (Org. Price 254kr) 

This lip balm by Stylage is a new release! Glossybox really do know how to make us feel special! So this lip balm is supposed to heal any chapped skin and soften the lips. Since I have been using it I do see and feel a difference. My lips aren't as flaky and they feel nice and smooth. The good thing about this lip balm is you can put it over lipstick, as well as just applying it by itself. Smells like salted caramel mmmm.  

Mitchell and Peach - Body Cream (Org. Price 390kr /180ml)

 Glossybox has been giving us one 'Spoiler' each month and they're probably my least favourite product in the box because of the smell. A lot is down to the smell for me. Last months was a body shimmer and this month it's a body cream. But, because it has a lot of good ingredients like honey, organic coconut, vitamin B5 and shea butter, I will definitely continue using this product as it has made my skin really soft and nourished. 

Panos Emporio - Deospray 'Goldflower' (Org. Price 149kr) 

I had never heard of this brand till I got these products in my Glossybox. So, Panos Emporio is a Swedish brand and haven't yet released this deospray 'Goldflower' so all us Glossybox girls are the very first to try it out before it gets released. What an honour, hehe! I really love the smell it's very fruity and flowery with a hint of vanilla and coconut.

I also got a little tester of their perfume 'Coco Sun' which came in the form of a wipe. I really like the smell it also had a hint of coconut, vanilla and various citrusy fruits, however this one was more fresh and spring like. Definitely recommend both :) 

Egyptian Magic - All Purpose Skin Cream (Org. Price 235kr/59ml)

A little extra something I got in my Glossybox was a sample of an all purpose skin cream. It heals and moisturises any part of your body from elbows to lips. It only has natural ingredients and is very good for dry skin. Definitely does the job. Such a shame it was only a tester. 

Hope you enjoyed reading :) 

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