Monday, 3 November 2014

Best Halloween Looks from 2014

Although I am not a massive fan of Halloween, I do appreciate those who put a lot of effort into their look. So I have compiled all of my favourite looks and here they are. They are all so different but so awesome. The colours and detailing of each look is amazing. Kudos to you all! I cheated a little and added Nathalie Portman as the Black Swan as I am obsessed with this look, never gets old.

1. Georgina  // Evil Mermaid

2. Nathalie Portman from Black Swan

3. Emily Muurbech  // Skeleton

4. Pary // Roadkill bambi

5. Nicol // Billy the Puppet

6. Meg Cossmann // Dead Queen of Coachella

Karen xoxo 

Which one is your favourite?

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