Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Quick and Easy Food for Busy People

I thought I'd write another recipe post as it's been a while since my last. My other recipes took quite a while to prepare and cook, so today I thought I'd share with you a dish that’s really quick and easy, yet very filling. I don't know about you, but I was pretty lazy when it came to making food at university. I would tend to buy food on campus or have take away for dinner. It was definitely not a budget friendly way to go, so in my second year I tried very hard to cut down on the take aways. I bought a cookbook and borrowed several from my friends. But even though the recipes were supposed to be quick 101 budget meals, they really weren't. I really wish I had been introduced to the blogging world sooner. There are so many inspirational and mouth watering recipes that I really didn't need to spend money on a cookbook.

Enough of the rambling. Here is how you make this delicious chorizo pasta. It's extremely quick and easy which is convenient for busy people, students and pasta lovers. It also tastes just as good the next day so why not make a little extra for your packed lunch. 

Here are the ingredients: 

Chorizo 400g
Tomato paste 1tbs
Mozzarella x2 (normal size)
Pepper x1
Tomatoes (As many as you want)

Cut up the chorizo into small pieces and then chuck them into a large frying pan with oil. Boil water to cook the pasta in. Once the chorizo is cooked, add the table spoon of tomato pasta and mix that in. Then add the sliced mozzarella and mix around till it melts. You then add in the pepper and tomatoes. When the pasta is cooked just add it to the frying pan and mix around. 

There you have it. Easy and simple chorizo with pasta.

Hope you enjoyed reading :) 


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