Thursday, 8 May 2014

My Favourite Spring/Summer Nail Polishes

It's finally starting to feel a bit more like spring here in Sweden, although it's still a little chilly. Here's to hoping summer is soon on its way. 
So today I thought I'd share with you my favourite Spring/Summer nail polishes.
It was pretty hard picking out my favourites, as there were so many to choose from that I just wanted to choose them all, but that would defeat the purpose of 'my favourites' (*cross eyed smiley face*). But in the end I picked out my top 8. 

First up are two nail polishes from Mavala which is a Swiss brand and the cheapest compared to the other nail polishes. The first one on the left is called Hong Kong and is a nice light orange with a slight tint to it. I use this one when I want to make my hands look a little more feminine and sophisticated, if that makes sense.  The second one is called Freshy, a nice and bright pink, which I use when I feel in a girly but statement type mood. 

Then there's the Models Own called Jade Stone which looks similar to the Barry M one but is slightly darker. As you can tell, I'm really into green. 

The reddish orange coloured one is from Hot Makeup in the colour Passion. It's not really a spring or summery colour, but I always like wearing red nail polishes. 

Both of these are from Barry M, the one on the left is called Greenberry and the other one is Blueberry. I was a little sceptical at first, but as they were 3 for 2 at boots I thought I'd buy two pastel colours to try them out and they actually really grew on me. I think they are a must have if you like pastel colours. :)

I really love this pink from Sally Hansen in the colour Ballets Rouge. It's sort of a darker baby pink. I think it really compliments the skin.

Lastly, on the right, is a nail polish from Kiko and I think it's called Spring Green. If I had to choose one favourite out of them all, it would have to be this one. Green is my favourite colour so I guess there's no surprise as to why it's my favourite. I just think it's such an interesting colour and actually looks good on nails.

Hope you enjoyed reading :) 


Which colour is your favourite?
If you have any nail polish favourites, I'd love to know. Just leave a comment below.

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