Wednesday, 23 April 2014

My unhealthy addiction

Behind all my makeup and girly clothes there is an inner tomboy/nerdy side of me. No it isn't playstation. I am actually horrifically bad when it comes to game consoles oh apart from Nintendo 64' Mario Kart Rainbow Road, haha. It is actually my unhealthy addiction to TV series. So without further a do before I start rambling on and on, I thought I'd share my top four TV series, which are in no particular order. 

First up is a series called Suits which is about a guy called Mike who is super smart and has eidetic memory but is also a college drop out. Somehow he ends up at one of the top law firms in New York because he impressed Harvey Specter, the actual lawyer, at the associate interviews at which they only hire people from Harvard. However, he has to keep a secret that only Harvey and his secretary Donna knows: that Mike never went to Harvard. Harvey and Mike then pair up to win cases using Mike's brains and Harvey's powerful reputation. I love this show to bits because of all the drama, Harvey and Mike's wittiness, this other guy called Louis Litt and the relationships that form later on. 

I just started watching this series recently and have been loving it. I think I really enjoy series with two main characters, as they will play off each other which makes the show more humorous. So this series is about Nick Burkhardt who is a homicide detective for the Portland Police Department, though little does he know that he is the last of the 'Grimms' which is an ancient line of guardians who protect people from the evil mythological creatures from Grimms fairytales. Together with his partner Hank, he solves these mysteries while also trying to balance his life with his girlfriend. He also teams up with Monroe who is a mythical creature called the 'Blutbad' and helps provide knowledge of the other creatures that Nick encounters in his adventures. 

Even though this series came out in 2011, I actually only decided to watch it this year. And all I keep on saying to myself is why didn't I start watching this when it came out. I have whizzed through the first three seasons and have finally caught up and have loved every single episode. So this series is about a power struggle between seven noble families who are fighting for control of the whole mythical land of Westeros. The reason why I like this series so much and why I think it's done really well is because you can never predict what's going to happen. Main characters die left right and centre. There are explicit sex scenes, very gruesome battle scenes and the story line is pretty damn good. Definitely recommend it if you like what I just wrote. But beware this is not for the faint of heart. 

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Lastly, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Now if you like the Marvel comics and movies then I think you're most definitely are going to be hooked onto this. Long story short it's basically about six agents that have to  try and save the world from supernatural events. They handle strange cases and encounter people with special abilities but at the same time they also have to deal with their own drama in the team.  I'd say it's sort of similar to the show Firefly and is by the same creator so if you liked that I would recommend this too.

Hopefully i've given you some inspiration to start watching them or feeding to your TV series addiction as well. Either way win win. Hope you enjoyed reading :)

P.s Sorry for the tardiness of this post. I have been in the UK exploring which is actually what my next post will be on. 

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