Wednesday, 30 April 2014

A Day in Brighton

Last week I flew to London with my boyfriend to have a little break, to get away from studying mode, to get a change of scene and, most importantly, to see friends and family. So the day after we got to London we decided to do a day trip in Brighton, and spend literally a whole day there. We were there at about 10am till about 6pm and my body definitely felt worn out by the end. It was a really sunny day and what better way to spend a sunny day than at the beach. I had only seen Brighton during the evening a while back and had always wanted to see it during the day. So we went exploring. We found really cute shops, walked along the pier and found a lovely place to eat lunch that I definitely recommend. Unfortunately we ran out of time and didn’t get to see the whole of Brighton, but one day we’ll go back and finish exploring.

So before we started exploring we stopped off at Starbucks to get a cup of coffee. And, as we are still young and childish at heart, we decided to start a new inside joke and come up with different names every time we order a drink at Starbucks. So today I was Lola and my boyfriend was Marcus. 

A few photos by the seaside :) 

As you can see I did a little shopping at Primark, so I'll be doing a post soon on what I bought. :)

At lunch time we stopped to eat at a place called Bills which was amazing. If only I could've gotten a little bit of everything on the menu! But I settled with a burger which was cooked to perfection and sweet potato fries and cucumber, carrots and celery with dip as a starter. It was super delicious but unfortunately I didn't have any space for dessert. 


We then stopped off at a place I had been dying to go to, as they don't have it here in Sweden, called Pearls. They are only in Brighton and Southampton so, lucky for me, I was close to one. Pearls is a small cafe that sells bubble and milk teas, some are cold and some are warm, with tapioca or different flavoured pearls that pop in your mouth. My favourite is the apple green tea, which is cold without the tapioca or flavoured pearls. I would definitely recommend this place if you have a sweet tooth as the teas are pretty sweet. 

So many cute shops down Gardner Street!!! 

Sorry for the overload of photos. Couldn't decide which ones to keep and which ones to take away. 

Hope you enjoyed reading :) 


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