Saturday, 5 April 2014

I love me my food

Yesterday I decided to cook one of my favourite home made dishes, so I thought I'd share my recipe and love for food with you all and maybe even inspire you to make this as well. It's a very traditional dish in Sweden, however I gave it a little twist and instead of using normal potatoes I used sweet potatoes. 

Scroll down for all the ingredients, how I did everything and mouth watering pictures hehe.

♥ Beef burgers and sweet potatoes with lingonberry sauce. 

Prep time roughly 35 minutes. 
Cooking time roughly 1 hour. 

Minced beef (1kg) 
Sweet potatoes
Jarred beets
Eggs (x2 small)

Making the burgers:

 I put the meat in a large bowl. I cut the onion up and then used a machine to cut them finer, but isn't essential. I then cut up the beets into small squares and put both the beets and onions in with the meat. Then put the two eggs in, this is to help the meat stick when shaping them into burgers. 

After mixing all those ingredients together just shape them into burgers. I've made some small and some big. 1kg makes roughly 10 burgers. 

Making the sweet potatoes and broccoli:

Peel the potatoes and cut them fine, so they cook faster, then add some oil and garlic all over them to give them a little more flavour. Then pop them onto a dish and then into the oven at 200 degrees celsius. They take roughly 30-35minutes. 

Boil a pot of water. Cut up the broccoli into small pieces and then pop them into the pot. Now that's all for the main and onto the salad. 

Spinach leaves

And voila here it is. It took roughly two hours in total to make, but I think it was/is totally worth it.

Hope you enjoyed reading :) 

Would love to know what your favourite dish is.

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