Sunday, 16 February 2014

My 'Go to' Hairstyles

It has been about a week since I got my hair cut. So now that my hair is quite a bit shorter I have been playing with it a lot more, even though I have less hair to play with. It's crazy how many different hairstyles there are out there. I have actually tried out a few even some that look/are really hard but fail miserably. At the moment I am only able to do the simple and easy ones, but hopefully I'll become a pro in no time. So I thought i'd show you my top three 'go to' hairstyles at the moment, and maybe give a little inspiration for others. Unfortunately, my hair isn't long enough to do a fishtail anymore which is my favourite hairdo. 


I must admit I do miss my long hair but it was about time to get it cut, as I hadn't done so in forever and I was starting to get split ends. I don't know why, it might just be my imagination, but every time I get my hair cut it always seems to be shorter than I ask them to cut it. 

So here are my 3 favourite hairstyles at the moment.

1. Doughnut Bun 

2. High pony tail with a gold ring from H&M

3. Braid

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