Sunday, 10 August 2014

Short Getaway to Finland

I haven't been on a real holiday since the summer of 2013 where me and some of my friends went to Malaga. So when I found out that we were going to have a family reunion with all the relatives in Finland, I was super excited. I haven't been to Finland since I was a baby so I was really curious and excited to see what it was like. We took the ferry from Stockholm to Åbo where one of my uncles live. The ferry was really smooth and humungous with a fair variety of restaurants and tax free shops hehe. As it was a 10 hour journey we had a little cabin to sleep in. We arrived in Finland the next day at 7am. Did you know that Finland is an hour ahead of Sweden? Well, I had no idea. Even though it was only an hour difference I really felt the difference.

So here are some of the things we got up to whilst we were in Finland. 

We went to moominworld which felt so surreal. This was one of my childhood favourite films. 

We got to ride around in this awesome 50s car that belonged to my cousins husband. 

We had lunch at this boat house and it was super yummy. Loads of fish and boiled potatoes.

 This is my cousins daughter. Absolute cutiepie. I definitely got the babybug now. 

This is what the town looks like in Turku.

Our uncle took us out on his speedboat to explore and catch up with the ferry that was going to take us home the next day. It was so beautiful and picturesque out at sea. 

This is Linda my uncles King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (what a mouthful). She is very much a boat lover.

We are now on the ferry heading back to Stockholm. 

 Leaving the harbour. 

I had such a lovely reunion with the family. I hadn't seem some of my uncles and cousins for many many years so it was really nice to spend time with them. It was also very nice to get to explore Turku, as it is a very beautiful place. It is the oldest town in Finland and used to be the capital. I'd definitely recommend going there if you like the wilderness. It isn't just wilderness though there are also touristy/historical things to do. My uncle lived about 20 minutes from the town which was pretty much in the forest and it was so peaceful. I loved that we could stay in a peaceful and green area and then be able to go to the town that was busy with loads of shops, old houses and historical buildings. It felt really weird and I can’t really explain, but it was so nice.

Hope you enjoyed reading :) 


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