Sunday, 26 January 2014

Mini Beauty Haul

I went shopping yesterday in the final sales and thought I would share with you what I bought. 

I bought two lipsticks from L'Oreal that were on 50% discount (more photos below), a Sally Hansen nail polish that was also 50% discount, a liquid eyeliner by Maybelline, spray cleaner for make-up brushes and lastly a soap and a body scrub from Lush. 

It's the first time I've bought a nail polish from Sally Hansen and I have to say i'm pleasantly surprised. I would best describe the colour as Salmon pink. I love the shape of the brush as it makes it easier to get into the areas one usually misses, yet doesn't get messy. 

This photo was taken without having to clean up around the nails. 

♥ Sally Hansen - Ballets Rouges 216

I got a little santa body scrub that smells like Shea butter and Orange. It's got this sugar like substance that peels off the dead skin and then the Shea butter and Vitamin C hydrates and makes the skin soft so hopefully it'll do that. Haven't tried it yet but i'm loving the smell. 

The blue square is a soap that has sea weed, lavender and salt in it. Its supposed to make your hands feel nice and soft and smells amazing, sort of like the ocean. 

♥ Sandy Santa Scrub

♥ Sea Vegetable 

♥ Rose Profond 210 Color Riche. 
 Rose Creme 453 Color Riche

By L'Oreal

I almost forgot to mention the amazing frozen yoghurt I had at the shopping centre. Was so yummy! There were so many different flavour frozen yoghurts to choose from but I chose vanilla and chocolate. 
And the toppings that I chose: 

Coconut flakes

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